ebikesThe food delivery industry is a pretty dynamic one, since everything really hinges on those fast response times to keep customers happy. Making sure your transportation infrastructure is solid will be key to the success of any online food delivery business, but how do you choose what setup to go for? Our suggestion today is to consider e-bikes (electrically assisted push bikes). Here are a few of the main benefits.

1) Ideal for short distances

E-bikes are not really design for long journeys, because their batteries will not take you more than approximately 40-50 miles before needed a charge. However, for local deliveries this wouldn’t be a problem, especially in a densely populated urban area.

2) Lower fuel costs

Using motorbikes or even vans that run on petrol or diesel is bound to get expensive quickly. In a built up area with slow traffic and long delays, a huge proportion of your fuel costs are literally going up in smoke. E-bikes will only use their power when they’re moving, and are able to nip between streets much more easily, allowing drivers to take the quickest routes and save a lot on fuel. They can even pedal manually when they don’t need to engage the electric assistance.

3) Lower emissions

By the same token, swapping your traditional fuels for an electric vehicle like an e-bike is ideal for the environment. The harmful environmental effects of producing a small amount of electricity are much lower, especially if you use green methods of producing it such as solar or wind power.

4) Cheaper to maintain

Yet more cost savings! It’s not just the fuel that’s cheaper with an e-bike. Road tax is non-existent. Insurance is (probably) history. Any repairs are rarely required and usually inexpensive, and you won’t have to pay over the odds for regular checks at the garage.

5) Easier for employees

We can also compare e-bikes to standard push bikes if you’ve already decided to rule out petrol engines for your delivery service. You will know about services like Deliveroo primarily using bikes for their inner city deliveries, but do you ever consider how tired those guys must get? To maximise efficiency and put less strain on your cyclists (so hopefully they won’t take out any frustration on your customers!), an e-bike will lighten the load.

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