Uber Eats

Large food deliveries companies like Deliveroo, UberEats and JustEat are taking over the food delivery industry for the past few years. The demand for food delivery service is continuously rising as the year passes. With the increase in demand for these services and the rise of new technologies, we’re expecting new trends to emerge. So, what can we expect? Below is a list of possible food delivery trends that may arise this year.

ChatBot order

Domino is one of the biggest pizza delivery services in the UK. They recently opened up a new ordering trend where customers can order through their new Facebook BOT called Dom. However, to make use of the delivery service through the BOT chat, customers will need to sign up to the online delivery service and create a ‘pizza profile’. Once your pizza profile has been set up, you can make an order request instantly by via chatbot.

Smart TV takeaways

You can even order takeaway from your TV! An integrated app system called TVtakeaways is available on all Samsung Smart TV, starting from 2012 models. The app allows you to order food take away from several food companies.


Fooji was set up back in 2015, and it’s currently becoming more popular in America. The purpose ofFooji is for people to be able to order food with just using an emoji. We don’t know yet if it’s going to be a new thing in the UK, but we will see!

Order a pizza from your car

New car models are now integrated with smart devices. Accenture, Pizza Hut and Visa have come up with a food ordering system where customers can order pizza while driving from their car. The ordering system has a voice recognition which means drivers can keep driving while they order from the comfort of their own car


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