The importance of fast and efficient food delivery in our current fast, time squeezed world cannot be over emphasized. In the UK, food delivery is almost norm hence the need to have guidelines and rules that regulate food delivery systems and personnel. This ensures that hygienic food is delivered. Delivery driver unions in the UK are responsible for maintaining the standards of food delivery.
Online ordering and delivery is quickly coming into play. It’s easy to order food and have it delivered on time;


Delivery Driver Insurance

Insurance coverage is given to all delivery drivers working under some of the above named, big delivery companies. For delivery drivers working as freelance drivers for small delivery ventures, personal insurance cover is required. It is also becoming a major requirement that companies insure the package deliveries in order to safeguard clients’ money especially where cash on delivery is taking place.

Delivery Driver Unions

Delivery driver unions ensure that the driver’s requirements which include a certified and active driving license, a health permit that guarantees that the health of the delivery driver is not hazardous, honesty and credibility. This ensure accountability of food hygiene between the restaurant and location of delivery. They also look into ensuring the food remains as it was prepared with little or no alteration hence retaining the originality of the food.

Delivery time only depends on the distance from the restaurant of order. They ensure that their drivers are qualified that is they have an active driving license and are honest and reliable. They also deliver only from certified restaurants hence hygiene assured.

Where to find online food delivery


One Delivery

“One Delivery” is one of the online platforms that can make ones food experience good. They list all UK favourite restaurants and even landmark them for you. They also deliver from over 500 most popular restaurants in the UK including McDonalds, Wag mamas, KFC Burger King and Pizza Express covering UK’s busiest areas. Ordering from them is easy. One can pay by cash or card on delivery, whichever is preferable. An instant confirmation is sent when the drivers are on their way with the order. Their website is

Just Eat

Another online platform that is reliable for proper deliveries in the UK is the “Just Eat” website that is actually modified into a phone application. This makes it very convenient for use. This allows one to type in their postcode, what food one would like to order, show how you will pay that is by cash or card and allows feedback once the order is on its way. They can be accessed through


In addition, there is “deliveroo” who also do food deliveries in the UK and have specialized in home and office deliveries. Easy access at

Last but not least we have the faster food found at who specialize in home deliveries and specifically fast foods. This is in line with the high popularity of fast foods for their taste and effectiveness.
This is just to mention but a few for the choices of food delivery are limitless. The delivery of fast food is faster than fast in the UK. All depend on the distance between the places of order to place of delivery as the drivers unions in the UK ensure that as little time as possible is taken for delivery

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