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Healthy ready meal deliveries are now becoming popular for many reasons. One of the main reason is that some people may not have the time to prepare their meals during the week. Others are looking to follow a strict diet that requires certain ingredients and nutrition. Ready meals are an alternative to fast food. However, the main difference is they are prepared using fresh ingredients and are healthier compared to fast food. But just how healthy are they?

Ready meal deliveries are not the same as frozen ready meals. Some frozen meals may contain an artificial preservative which means that it’s processed. On the other hand, ready meal deliveries are prepared fresh without preservatives. These companies have chefs that cook the food with fresh ingredients and ensure they are just as good as when you make them at home. Some people may confuse them with frozen meals that you can buy in a supermarket.

You can find many ready meal deliveries based on your needs. Some example includes meals for vegans, diabetics, bodybuilders, or for anyone looking to lose weight but is still have the nutrition they need. These ready meals are a healthy choice and convenient for people who are following a strict diet. Having looked around the market, we can see that most of these companies are advertising their products as healthy ready meals. Most of them even use high-quality fresh ingredients which shows just how healthy these meals are.

When choosing an online company, there are a few things you should look out for. You may want to check the ingredients on the meal and see if it fits your needs and preference. If you’re unsure, you can also ask for a sample. Some companies may even provide you with a discount for first orders. It’s worth a try if you’re looking to eat healthier this year or if you have no time to prepare your meal but still want to eat healthy at the same time.

How food delivery services benefit restaurant owners

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Ordering food online is just a click away, and many people are now taking advantage of this. It’s also getting more and more popular as we speak. It’s a convenient way for people to order their food from the comfort of their home. It’s also essential for individuals who don’t have the time or skills to prepare their meal. We can see that this is a benefit to all customers, but how does it benefit restaurant owners?

Independent and large restaurants may not always have the facility for food delivery. However, with the rise of food delivery companies such as Deliveroo and UberEats, customers can now order their food from hundreds of local restaurants. It also benefits restaurant owners in many ways as they are likely to get more orders. Below are some of the benefits for restaurant owners.

Online payments

Restaurants who have their delivery service would usually only accept cash. However, by using food delivery services, customers will now have the option to pay online using PayPal and card payments. As most people do not carry cash nowadays, they may miss out on other customers who can only pay online using their card payment. Online payments are more convenient and secure and most customers are more likely to use this method.

More orders

You can expect to see more orders online as it is now widely available to anyone who has a mobile phone and internet connection. It’s also been proven that loyal customers are more likely to order from the same restaurant which leads to more sales and an increase in profit.

Attract new customers

Almost everyone has access to the internet and owns a mobile phone and a laptop. It means that your restaurant can reach a broader group of audience. Using companies such as Deliveroo and UberEats means that you will have an online presence as your restaurant menu and your brand is available to anyone who uses the food delivery app.

Improved efficiency and clear orders

Ordering on the phone is not always ideal as the line and communication aren’t always clear. However online orders are much smoother and clearer, and restaurants are less likely to have errors on orders. It will also help improve the overall efficiency and workflow in the restaurant.

The pros and cons of ordering food deliveries

food delivery

The food delivery is booming as the years goes past. There are even more variety of cuisines available as it becomes more and more popular. For instance, you can now order cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Spanish, Thai and much more.

Back then you can only order from a takeaway menu. However, it’s only been recently where a biking delivery service called ‘Deliveroo’ made it possible to order from fast food restaurants and other high street restaurants too. With Deliveroo, we have even more choices available to us. But before diving into the bandwagon, you might want to consider looking at the pros and cons of ordering food from home.

Pros of Food Delivery

Save Time – Some of us are just very busy, so instead of taking some time to cook a meal in the kitchen, you will save more time by simply ordering your food online or on the phone. It’s perfect for people who can’t cook or have busy schedules.

Variety – If you’re not a good cook or you simply want to eat something new, then this is an excellent choice as you can order absolutely anything from starters, mains and desserts. You will be surprised at what food you can order. The options are endless! You can even order some traditional foods such as Mexican or Thai foods and many others.

Healthy – Healthy foods are also available for deliveries. You can find some restaurants which specifically offers a broad range of healthy foods.

Cons of Food Delivery

Costly – Although most of the food deliveries are affordable, some restaurants are more expensive than others. It can also be costly in the long run if you often get your food delivered.

Can Be Unhealthy – Some restaurants prepare their meal with harmful additives such as trans fats or artificial sweeteners.

Overall, it’s up to the individual whether the benefits outweigh the drawback or if it’s the other way around.

Why food delivery is better than dining out

Both dining out and using a food delivery service can both have their benefits. Going out for a meal means you won’t need to cook or clean up after yourself. But then again you can now have the dining food experience all in your comfortable home just by getting your food delivered to your doorstep. There are even more benefits from eating a nice meal in your own house. Let’s take a look at them below.


Food delivery is way cheaper than dining out in a luxury restaurant. Restaurants have more expenses to cover more than a food delivery service. When comparing the prices on the menu, you will see a huge difference in price. They will usually increase the price for their meals to cover a small portion of their staff’s wages and bills. A takeaway service is covering fewer people meaning less wages and bill to pay.


You can enjoy a nice meal in your own home without having to cook anything. It is much more comfortable and relaxing eating a well-made dish on your sofa while watching a movie on TV.

No need to dress up

When going out for a meal, often you will find that most people will be dressed up for the occasion. You can expect people to be dressed up in a smart attire when attending a fancy restaurant. Even when eating at a more casual restaurant, you will still need to dress in a certain way. But at home, there are no rules. You can dress up any way you like. You can wear your most comfortable clothes and have your favourite dish at the same time. There is nothing better than this.

Less hassle

If you have children, eating out can be a hassle, and you won’t be able to enjoy your food as you are more likely to be spending your time trying to entertain them or keeping an eye on them. At home, you won’t have to make too much of an effort on entertaining them as they will be busy with their toys and you won’t need to keep looking after them in your own home.

How The Food Delivery Industry Is Changing

The market for food delivery services really is changing quickly, and a number of key differences have been noticeable over the past few years. In fact, the industry is changing faster than it has for a long time. So what exactly are the main factors brining about these changes?

Global expansion of brands

Several major brands have been growing faster at the same time, moving into new territories. The next big thing is now more likely to come from overseas than a home-grown business, until British innovators catch up and introduce their own new ideas successfully. People are starting to expect successful brands to take their operations overseas, even if they never intended to be international services.

The industry is still growing

Overall, the industry has definitely reached a mature stage in many countries around the world, but it hasn’t yet peaked. The predicted figure is just over 3% by 2019, which may sound like slow progress, but it’s only based on current trends and still represents positive growth.

Technology has made all the difference

Following the boom in online shopping, which took over ten years to reach the saturation point it is now approaching, the food delivery market is currently going through a similar revolution. Individual businesses in the business of delivering fast food are typically smaller than their retail equivalents, which perhaps explains why this has taken longer. Mobile internet and app use have also been major factors. Technology has now made online ordering easier than ever for customers, but perhaps more importantly, businesses.

There are two competing formats

For the past few years, the biggest online delivery providers in the food industry have fallen into two main categories. One is for the likes of Just Eat, Hungry House and so on, which are simply comparison sites for takeaways who act as a middle-man between customers and local restaurants who handle the deliveries themselves. The newer Deliveroo-style businesses take it one step further and have their own drivers and bicycle riders to deliver orders. It remains to be seen what the next step in the evolution of the industry will be.


Starting Up a Food Delivery Business

mail-871098_1280Many people dream of starting their own cafe or restaurant business, but with such high competition it can be hard to find a new niche that’s profitable but not too competitive. In keeping with the modern trend for convenience and everything being at the touch of a button, the food delivery service industry is growing fast in all new directions, and it might be the perfect time for you to jump on board too. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

1) Choose your location

Picking the area you will deliver to is going to be the first defining step in your journey. Finding a balance is crucial – somewhere with plenty of people, but not too many competitors. If your niche is quite specific in terms of food, you can potentially afford to consider a larger or more densely crowded area. Consider the local demographic, so you know where your target market is likely to live.

2) Develop your menu

The food is of course going to be the second biggest factor when you’re starting out. Your service should be absolutely unique in your area, giving people a clear reason to choose you over something more familiar. Fantastic food will create a buzz about your new brand.

3) Decide on your pricing Read More Starting Up a Food Delivery Business

Best Food Delivery Apps to Watch

tablet-1442900_1280Takeaways are as popular as ever, and the range available is constantly growing. It’s understandable that as we get busier, we run out of time for cooking at home, and younger generations are getting more and more tech savvy when it comes to ordering food online. That’s why apps and dedicated websites that specialise in delivering food straight to your door are still taking off, with new entrants coming into the market regularly. Here are some of the best we know of, but take note – some of these aren’t in the UK yet! Watch out for them, unless someone gets there first.


One of the most famous US takeaway apps is GrubHub. It works pretty much the same way as Just Eat in the UK, and a huge number of restaurants have signed up to it. You can browse according to your location and easily place your order, plus the app lets you save your favourite places and meals to easily order again next time.

Eat 24

This option is more focused on letting you know what the absolute best options are in your area. They have a featured section called “What’s Good” which will display popular places and dishes near you, plus it supports users uploading their own pictures of food to give you a realistic idea of what to expect. Its reviews are fed through from Yelp. Read More Best Food Delivery Apps to Watch

The UK’s Fast Food Delivery War

food-1081707_1280Burger King has spent the past year trialling its own in-house delivery service in a few selected locations, which was an unprecedented move that its rivals in the UK probably weren’t expecting. Burger King has shown shaky performance for years now as a result of increasing pressure in the market, so this move could be seen as a new attack on some of the competition. But what do we expect to happen next?

Gourmet burgers are certainly a huge part of the shift in the UK’s fast food industry. Following in the footsteps of nationwide chains like Handmade Burger Co., the country has become overrun with rivals offering similar premium burgers, for takeaway services as well as restaurant menus. Five Guys is an example of a London brand that’s now expanding to other UK cities and seeing success, cashing in on the classic American diner theme but at a slightly higher price point than Burger King, and certainly with a flashier image. Read More The UK’s Fast Food Delivery War


Food Delivery in UK

The importance of fast and efficient food delivery in our current fast, time squeezed world cannot be over emphasized. In the UK, food delivery is almost norm hence the need to have guidelines and rules that regulate food delivery systems and personnel. This ensures that hygienic food is delivered. Delivery driver unions in the UK are responsible for maintaining the standards of food delivery.
Online ordering and delivery is quickly coming into play. It’s easy to order food and have it delivered on time;


Delivery Driver Insurance

Insurance coverage is given to all delivery drivers working under some of the above named, big delivery companies. For delivery drivers working as freelance drivers for small delivery ventures, personal insurance cover is required. It is also becoming a major requirement that companies insure the package deliveries in order to safeguard clients’ money especially where cash on delivery is taking place.

Delivery Driver Unions

Delivery driver unions ensure that the driver’s requirements which include a certified and active driving license, a health permit that guarantees that the health of the delivery driver is not hazardous, honesty and credibility. This ensure accountability of food hygiene between the restaurant and location of delivery. They also look into ensuring the food remains as it was prepared with little or no alteration hence retaining the originality of the food.

Delivery time only depends on the distance from the restaurant of order. They ensure that their drivers are qualified that is they have an active driving license and are honest and reliable. They also deliver only from certified restaurants hence hygiene assured.

Where to find online food delivery


One Delivery

“One Delivery” is one of the online platforms that can make ones food experience good. They list all UK favourite restaurants and even landmark them for you. They also deliver from over 500 most popular restaurants in the UK including McDonalds, Wag mamas, KFC Burger King and Pizza Express covering UK’s busiest areas. Ordering from them is easy. One can pay by cash or card on delivery, whichever is preferable. An instant confirmation is sent when the drivers are on their way with the order. Their website is

Just Eat

Another online platform that is reliable for proper deliveries in the UK is the “Just Eat” website that is actually modified into a phone application. This makes it very convenient for use. This allows one to type in their postcode, what food one would like to order, show how you will pay that is by cash or card and allows feedback once the order is on its way. They can be accessed through


In addition, there is “deliveroo” who also do food deliveries in the UK and have specialized in home and office deliveries. Easy access at

Last but not least we have the faster food found at who specialize in home deliveries and specifically fast foods. This is in line with the high popularity of fast foods for their taste and effectiveness.
This is just to mention but a few for the choices of food delivery are limitless. The delivery of fast food is faster than fast in the UK. All depend on the distance between the places of order to place of delivery as the drivers unions in the UK ensure that as little time as possible is taken for delivery