tablet-1442900_1280Takeaways are as popular as ever, and the range available is constantly growing. It’s understandable that as we get busier, we run out of time for cooking at home, and younger generations are getting more and more tech savvy when it comes to ordering food online. That’s why apps and dedicated websites that specialise in delivering food straight to your door are still taking off, with new entrants coming into the market regularly. Here are some of the best we know of, but take note – some of these aren’t in the UK yet! Watch out for them, unless someone gets there first.


One of the most famous US takeaway apps is GrubHub. It works pretty much the same way as Just Eat in the UK, and a huge number of restaurants have signed up to it. You can browse according to your location and easily place your order, plus the app lets you save your favourite places and meals to easily order again next time.

Eat 24

This option is more focused on letting you know what the absolute best options are in your area. They have a featured section called “What’s Good” which will display popular places and dishes near you, plus it supports users uploading their own pictures of food to give you a realistic idea of what to expect. Its reviews are fed through from Yelp.


You may have already discovered Deliveroo in the UK, and it’s still growing rapidly. Partnering with many restaurant chains across the country, Deliveroomakes it easy to order food that wouldn’t traditionally be available to takeaway. Some highlights from its partners include Carluccio’s, Pizza Express and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.


Seamless is another major player in the American fast food delivery market. They make it extremely easily to quickly browse through your options and make orders, including special notes about your specific requirements. You can also see user-submitted reviews at a glance.

Door Dash

One of the newer and less widespread options in the market, Door Dash offers the advantage of providing estimated delivery times for each option as you scroll through local restaurants, meaning you don’t waste time if you’re in a hurry. You can also browse your order history to check what you went for previously, which is really handy. They even guarantee your food will be delivered within 45 minutes, which is an excellent feature.

Pizza Boy

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