food-1081707_1280Burger King has spent the past year trialling its own in-house delivery service in a few selected locations, which was an unprecedented move that its rivals in the UK probably weren’t expecting. Burger King has shown shaky performance for years now as a result of increasing pressure in the market, so this move could be seen as a new attack on some of the competition. But what do we expect to happen next?

Gourmet burgers are certainly a huge part of the shift in the UK’s fast food industry. Following in the footsteps of nationwide chains like Handmade Burger Co., the country has become overrun with rivals offering similar premium burgers, for takeaway services as well as restaurant menus. Five Guys is an example of a London brand that’s now expanding to other UK cities and seeing success, cashing in on the classic American diner theme but at a slightly higher price point than Burger King, and certainly with a flashier image.

The likes of McDonald’s and KFC might soon turn to using home delivery services, whether they trial in-house methods like Burger King or actually tap into the range of delivery services that are already out there. If you can’t beat them, join them, as they say! So far the idea has worked for the likes of Nando’s, who have an exclusive deal with Deliveroo to distribute their takeaway dishes.

This seems to be the next logical step for classic fast food chains wanting to reach customers that don’t actually want to leave their homes, anyway. Whatever efforts the major fast food giants have made in recent years to defend against falling market share (probably more focused on the nutritional value and perceived image of the food itself, rather than logistics), it seems to be slipping of late and this might be the only solution.

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