uber eatsThe history of food delivery services in the UK has evolved since it first started. The concept began sixty years ago during the war and had improved over the years with the help of new technologies and vehicles. However, the principle of food delivery has always been simple which is delivering ready-made meals to people’s houses. We’ve provided the following timeline on how the food delivery service changed over the years.


The first delivery services occurred during the Second World War where Germany bombed London in the 1940s. After the bomb, many Londoners were left homeless with no food to eat. A group called the Women’s Volunteer Service came up with an idea to prepare hot meals and get them delivered to people who have lost their homes during the Blitz. Food delivery services were also carried out across the UK to servicemen who were injured during the war.

After the war

After the war, food delivery services carried on and made its very first true entry in 1947 were hot meals were being delivered to the same servicemen who were no longer capable of cooking their own food due to severe injuries. Back then, they were using prams with lined felt and straw to ensure meals are delivered hot.

Modern age

In this modern age, the food delivery service has expanded and improved massively as there are now different kinds of food deliveries and how they are delivered. For instance, there are new emerging private companies who offer frozen ready meal to be delivered to your doorstep. Another example is preparing fresh meals before delivering so that meals are delivered hot and fresh. Furthermore, hot foods are now delivered using a van or a bicycle.

Food delivery services cater to different cuisines and different kinds of diets. Cuisines like Indian, Chinese or Mexican food and many others are now available. There are also various companies who provide ready meals for different diets for weight loss or even muscle building.

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