delivery vanIf you run any business that delivers food or other items to people within a local area, of course the delivery service itself is going to be a major aspect of how your business functions and you need to optimise it as much as possible. In London, this is even trickier due to the high concentration of businesses (and potential customers) all in one place, not to mention the difficulty of getting across the city by road.

Needless to say, for London food delivery businesses and those in similar trades, things get complicated quickly. This is true whether you handle all of the logistics in-house or you hire a third party to help you. Getting external professionals involved can cut costs in the short term, but are you making the right decision? Let’s weigh up your options.

Hire an existing van delivery service

For small delivery companies in London, cheap man and van hire services may be the answer. To transport your food or other goods quickly by road, a van is often the preferable option, especially when making a large number of deliveries in a concentrated area. What you may choose to do is effectively keep a professional delivery driver on retainer and use their services whenever you need them, even if it’s just at peak times.

Other third party delivery services

Your delivery drivers may not all need to drive vans or cars, but you can still benefit from hiring external companies to get your food delivered. In central London, where driving around and sticking to a strict schedule is almost impossible at times, cyclists might be a more effective solution, for example. Delivery bikes can take your deliveries right to people’s doors without getting slowed down by traffic, and these services may be very cheap as they don’t have to spend much time tied up with your orders, plus they can work for others simultaneously.

Handle deliveries in-house

Your other option is to get your own dedicated staff for handling deliveries to people’s homes. If your business has expanded to the point where this is viable, you are probably doing quite well for yourself, and usually you can benefit even more from cutting out third parties entirely. It’s inevitably more efficient to keep things in-house where possible, as long as you have enough work to keep your drivers busy. You will need to invest in your infrastructure, though, including cars, vans, bikes or whatever else you need. This is why many people choose to at least start off with outside help.

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